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Mind Plus, where the art of advertising meets strategic brilliance.
Established in 2006 and officially launched in 2014 as a proud member of the esteemed WPP family, we stand as Mongolia’s premier international advertising agency. Our journey began under the name Y&R Mongolia in 2014, evolved into VMLY&R Mongolia in 2018, and we are now proudly recognized as Mind Plus LLC since 2024.
With a remarkable 17-year legacy, we have navigated various industries within the Mongolian market, accumulating expertise that sets us apart. We are pioneers and trailblazers, securing Mongolia’s first-ever international awards and attaining coveted Silver and Bronze Awards at the prestigious Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity in Singapore in 2016.
In 2014, Mind Plus embarked on an inspiring journey within the WPP conglomerate, known as an incubator for the industry's most revered and triumphant agency networks. WPP, a global powerhouse, specializes in seamlessly integrating marketing services and transformative experiences. Beyond our shared passion for excellence, WPP's commitment to gender equality and sustainability resonates deeply with us.
Embracing a world of insights, we stand shoulder to shoulder with Kantar, a world-leading authority in data, insights, and consultancy services. Our alliance bridges Kantar's global wisdom and our intimate understanding of the Mongolian market. This union empowers us to give clients actionable insights and catalyzes their growth, marking us as pioneers in bringing Kantar's global expertise to Mongolia.
At Mind Plus, our forte lies in crafting holistic business growth that blends artistic creativity with strategic insight. The essence of Mind Plus lies in fostering connectivity - a concept that propels brands to new heights by merging brand experience with customer interactions.
Since 2006, our dedicated team of experts has tirelessly channeled their talents to breathe life into our clients' visions. Through our endeavors, we unveil profound insights into human behavior, igniting a symphony of innovation that forges deep bonds and orchestrates collective experiences benefiting consumers and brands alike.
Join us on this journey of ingenuity and connectivity, where every idea takes flight and every brand ascends to greatness.
Spikes Asia Silver and Bronze
We are pioneers and trailblazers, securing Mongolia's first-ever International Awards and attaining coveted Silver and Bronze Awards at the prestigious Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity in Singapore in 2016.
Agency of the year
Mongolian Marketing Awards 2015, Mongolia.

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