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At the core of our values lies a deep commitment to our people, their families, the environment, society, and our rich culture. Our most prized asset is our exceptional team. We show this through innovative training, cultural respect, social contributions, and engaging internal events dedicated to boost creativity, fostering a culture of care and unity.
We care deeply for our people, their family, environment, society & culture. our most valuable asset is our people. We care for our employees by sharing creative trainings, respecting our cultural heritage, contribute for social causes and organize various internal events.
The VML Foundation exists to support and celebrate the charitable causes that are important to our employees and their families. As an employee-funded and employee-led employee giving program, the VMLY&R Foundation is a tangible expression of our agency’s core values.
Following are some cases of our team foundation program events.
Every year we celebrate this prideful day wearing Mongolian national outfit "Deel", and learn about our ancestoral history, culture and traditions.This year has been no exception, we invited special guests and learned about Mongolian traditional thread emroidery art and also enjoyed one of the Mongolian main music instrument Horse Fiddle "Morin Khuur" performance and valuable lecture.
Our annual day of community service across 100 offices and 13,000+ employees. We are thrilled to be volunteering with UB shelter- Амьтан асрах төв Stray Dogs and cats' shelter and donated foods and supporting materials from all our employees for those lovely puppies and kittens. 😍😻
We Mind+ -ers spent one spooky, horrific evening together to celebrate this year's special and scary ghost holiday. As we have always been celebrating annually, it is a custom for us to dress as our favorite or most scared of characters and show off to have a funny awesome party night 😻 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🩸⚰️


City Plaza 6th floor 601
Sukhbaatar district,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel: 70111358 Email: mongolia@vml.com